• “ It is to my utmost regret that I inform the school that my children will be continuing at Choueifat until the end of first term only. It completely breaks my heart to remove them from the school. I appreciate your Choueifat curriculum to no end and it is my firm belief that had my children continued in your remarkably polished system, they would have reached the stars for sure.”
    Shama Khan , Parent
    ISC-City of 6 October

  • “I congratulate the efforts of ISC-Lahore in continuing to improve and enhance the support and assistance provided to both students and their parents with respect to the university admissions process. Specifically, I would like to give credit to the school's staff for its professional approach, support and efficient handling of my son's university applications. ISC-Lahore has done a marvelous job keeping the integrity, modesty and work ethics of the school intact.”
    Mrs. Khan , Parent

  • “I want to express my appreciation for all ISC-Cairo has done. For the first time, I feel that my child really likes going to school. He wakes up early and now fulfills his promise to his teacher by attending the morning assembly line and completing all assigned homework. I am really happy and I cannot believe that with a bit of encouragement he would change. Thank you all for your cooperation and for taking the time to listen and find a solution. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best.”
    ISC-Cairo Parent

  • “I don’t have to look far to know how successful the SABIS® system is. My daughter, Sevan, graduated from ISC-Dubai in 2006 and she enrolled in McGill University at the age of 17, as a second-year student given her AP credits. She graduated in 2009, with first-class honors, from the computer science program, with a minor in philosophy - just two months short of her twentieth birthday. Currently, she is working on her master’s thesis after finishing all required coursework. All this and she is not yet 21! She was brought up in the Choueifat system which taught the students to not only excel but to be leaders.”
    Choghig Kazandjian Hanissian , Former ISC-Dubai Parent

  • “I have settled in really well at university and physics courses have been very interesting for me! My first few lab reports (which count towards our degree) have been fantastic! I have scored 90%, 100%, and another 100%! The professors were quite impressed when they saw my lab work. I have been elected the academic representative for the physics department! And again, the student union officers were quite impressed by my experience as the Academic Head Prefect.”
    Tania Zahidi , Ruwais Private School Graduate
    Student at University of Bath

  • “I have two children in the International School of Choueifat-Ruwais. After these years, I can say that I am very satisfied with the outcomes of my children. The school has helped them a lot academically. Students are shown how to study and how to manage time wisely. SABIS® also builds students to ensure their success in life as well. I found out that most SABIS® students turn out to be successful people in both their higher education and in their everyday life.”
    Atef Ashkar , Parent
    Ruwais Private School

  • “One thing I really value about your school, besides your academic standards and warm environment of course is how organized the school is. My survival guide has been always to be able to plan ahead, and your school’s planning system and communication through notes and the web have been most helpful.”
    ISC-City of 6 October Student

  • “I am the first to admit that without the solid mathematical foundation I received in Choueifat, I would not be amongst the top mathematicians here at Boston College. My thoughts go immediately to the SABIS® system and its contribution to this achievement.”
    Rabih Geha , ISC-Lahore Graduate

  • “To say it simply, my experience at SABIS® has been exceptional. The knowledge I gained, the skills I acquired, and not to mention the very special relationships I made with students, staff, and parents have allowed me to grow, develop, and become a more confident and professional person who knows what it means to succeed in today’s workplace.”
    Maya Alam , Former ISC-Choueifat AQC

  • “I would like to thank you and the school team at ISC-Cairo for making my son’s school life exciting and educational. He actually loves to go to school.”
    Ehab Hassan Allam , Parent

  • “Thank you for everything... For the incredible positive influence you have in our lives. For all your efforts in our children's education... For your caring. You DO make a difference, and you SHOULD be proud of that.”
    Kurdi-Belendez Family SIS-Adma
Jeddah Private International School

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